FTZ Micro Sprint Engines and Products:
Since 1987 we have been building top shelf motors, exhausts, fuel systems and other products for these small dirt cars. Micro Sprints, 125/250/600 Mini-Sprints, Modified Midgets, or whatever they were called at the time, FTZ products have proven to be able to win the biggest races year after year for decades now. The load and powerband demands that these cars require was “right down our alley” having roots in flattrack motorcycle and ATV racing, and we took that challenge and ran with it. Since our first 600 class engine builds in 1994, that direction has been our main focus- and continues to do so…and we feel nobody can match the quality of a full built FTZ Micro Sprint motor..

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  Last year added yet another big series win to the list of FTZ powered championships: Nathan Benson of Concordia Missouri once again topped the 2016 Powri 600 series points to win this prestigious series for three years running now using a FTZ built Suzuki Gsxr600.    

 *Quote from Nathan Benson: “I have been lucky to experience several different engine combinations over the years, and these FTZ Gsxr engines make incredible power that you can feel in the car. From the first time I ran one last season, I have been able to tighten up our chassis and also drop teeth off the rear sprocket, both which equal faster lap times. Give the guys at FTZ a call to get your name on one of these engines and set yourself up for a successful race season!”

ATV, Motorcycle, Kart Racing
 FTZ ATV Engines and Products:
Since starting in this business in 1985 the ATV performance crowd has sought out our of expertise in making bikes run faster. Our ATV motors and products have proven both fast and reliable in the toughest forms of racing & extreme recreational riding. Dirt track & TT, Drag racing, Duning, and Ice racing. ATV racers that are serious seem to return year after year to get their race builds and rebuilds. Many motor builds and products sold now are for a customer’s kid’s bike, and even their grand-kid’s bikes… That’s a testimony for years of doing highest quality performance work and providing good service.

Along with motors for ATV’s we also build many motors for 250 shifter and direct-drive karts, 250 Micro sprint’s, etc. We specialize in TRX250r builds from 249cc to 430cc, CR250 builds on both CR or TRX bottom ends and our well known Suzuki LT250r builds… and we have awesome build setups for the 450 4-strokes as well.
Don’t expect your average “cookie cutter” engine builds and “copy cat” products from FTZ: Expect more than that from us…..we do!