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600cc Pennsylvania Area Legal Motors & Modifications
**Download the 2007/2008 FTZ 600 .pdf flyer here**

Winter '07-'08:
We are up-to-date with the new "universal" 600 rules for the PA area tracks. There is a good bit that can to improve power and reliability under these new rules. We have put two different packages together to offer for the 2008 season using either the 2006-2007 Yamaha R6 or the '03 to '05 Yamaha R6.
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'06-'07 R6: We have dyno tested, and track tested the 2006-07 YAMAHA R6 motor, with quite good results. By eliminating the complicated throttle-by-wire injection and using our best alcohol carbs, exhaust and ignition combinations, we feel that we have a very good affordable package to offer for the stock classes, the budget minded Outlaw racer, or as a good alternative for the Pennsylvania area tracks. . Although power output was still down a good bit from our fully built Outlaw R6's, it is quite good for a un-ported motor. This is proving to be be a good, easy to maintain power combination that is out there winning races. Contact us for more details! Under the new PA area rules the '06-'07 motors will have to remain 600cc, but we can get good power out of these because of the superior breathing of the stock head and the very high rpm limit with the stock box.

'03-'05 R6: We are allowed to build this motor to 636cc. With this long stroke design combined with the new mods that are legal this makes an excellant, torquey and very reliable option to the Kawasaki's. The new rules allow us to tweak this motor to much higher outout than a bone stocker.

Call for more details and price estimates- 573-334-5439 9:00-6:00 Central time

*We are again offering alcohol carburetor conversion kits for the late model Kawasaki 636 motors. Better power, much less complication and much cheaper than fuel injection. Call for more info!

There is always two ways to do something: So with the popularity of the 636 Kawasaki, we have developed a killer exhaust system, as well as a trick carburetor conversion for them. These two items work very well together, giving top-notch horsepower, with great torque, powerband, and most of all consistency! This combination runs great without all the complications, and expense of fuel injection, and much easier to fix a problem with. This consistency and reliability lets you concentrate on your chassis setups that make you fast. This is a good option if you are tired of chasing the fuel injected game and don't feel like you are getting the power you should be.

Those that race with "open" rules, should also see our Multi/Outlaw R6 page. I'll add more as time permits. Thanks!

With the popularity of the 600 class in the Northeast we have been often asked to come up with more power for these cars. You really don't know what you get with a motor from a salvage yard. Also, as new motors become more expensive and harder to find, many guys want their motor rebuilt or freshened up for next season. Many of the fastest 600 Racers in the Northeast have ran our 600 motors over the past years. Whatever engine you choose, we have developed an excellent stock carburetor setup and a special exhaust system to match. The results are a smooth easy-to-gear wide powerband, from low to high rpm, with great reliability.

If your track follows different rules, we suggest you contact your track tech official for exact details of what you can and can't do to the motors. Then call us for a specific quote for building your motor. You will not get a better motor built for your track, nor will a motor of this quality be built for much less.

*FTZ- Step-Header Exhaust- 4-2-1 Step-Header design = For the Yamaha R6's, Honda F2/F3 & F4, 600RR, and the Suzuki GSXR600. And also for Kaw. 636!! This is our new unique design we have developed on our Dyno for the 600 micro motors. We have seen as much as 10 horsepower increases over our other exhausts. Don't ignore this important (and legal) tuning aid. Adds both torque off the corner & speed on the straights...Comes complete with our tapered core muffler and stainless steel shell and exhaust gaskets.............$460. Aluminum Ceramic coating also available add $135. See 600 Exhaust page

No matter what motor in intake system you have on your car- you need a FTZ exhaust!

*FTZ- Stock Carb Alcohol modifications- Big Power off the corner gained by this carb work. Do not confuse our Alcohol conversion with what most other people are doing. We take the carbs much further and they will make more power for you. We have maximized the carb mods with our dyno. Make the most of your motor by letting us go through your carbs. These carbs are matched-tuned to our air filter/ air box system to gain more power off the corner. Combine with our exhaust for best results. Methanol modifications to stock carbs. Includes adjustable needles installed and Jet kit w/ instructions..........$250.
We also have R6 carbs in stock, for sale outright.
Note: In our Yamaha R6 extensive testing, we have found gains of 7 to 8 horsepower at certain rpm's by tweaking the stock carbs beyond that of other popular modified carbs. Ask about our optional air-correction mods!
*Cool Blue FTZ Air Filters-
These are designed to fit directly on the R6 carbs to achieve maximum airflow and best filtration...24.95 Ea.

*We have a new Hi-Flow Lo-Pressure on-demand type fuel pumps for both the FCR and the stock oem carbs. This lightweight pump gives high flow rates without excessive pressure. No troublesome regulators or bypass needed.................. $99.95
*Many guys are mounting two of these pumps side-by-side for the ultimate in reliable fuel delivery!

We carry most Honda and Yamaha 600 engine parts are in stock.
Fastest Turnaround! We can also arrange easy freight pickup from here. Please call with any questions.
FTZ Performance, Inc. 573-334-5439 9:00 to 6:00 central time

**Download the 2007/2008 FTZ 600 .pdf flyer here**

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