The following is the text from a email that I sent a good customer that had recently recieved a quote on a built R6 engine that was a good bit cheaper than ours- on the same year and size motor. This was my response that I would like to share with you:

 Hello Xxxxx, I'm glad you got back to us on this. I got up this morning with this project in mind. When you sent me that text that Xxxxx wanted "$5800 for a "2mil R6" motor it reminded me that this is something that we have to fight quite often around here: when these other motor guys try to low-ball quotes trying to win new customers. Especially the newer ones trying to make a name. Yes, our estimate to you was a good bit higher than that for the same year and size motor, so I re-made one of our motor estimates- zeroing out all the improvements and options offered that are specific to us- (not usually done or offered by other engine shops). I am sending that to you. Please keep in mind that we started with the R6's in back 2004 and have developed many new power and reliability improvements over the years. So this new estimate is just taking a "bottom's up" approach instead of a "top down" approach- basically just a different way of looking at the same thing- but hopefully bringing some clarity to the pricing differences.
 One thing to keep in mind is there is a "how it's done" factor. An example would be just like the removal of the higher gears in the transmission. Many other shops just pull the gears off the shaft, leave the stock OEM gear bushings in place for the spacer and slap it all back in. Where as we remove all spacers, plug the oiling holes in the shaft (so that no oil pressure is lost there and no unnecessary oil flinging around in the tranny)- then we replace the skinny little OEM bushings with those made on our CNC lathe- of which often needs hand fit to a minimum side clearance. This is the "right way" to do this and just one example of the "how it's done" factor. This same theme goes into the oiling system mods, blueprinting and fitting the rod bearings, and other every aspect of the engine work and assembly here. It takes a lot of extra time that we have to charge some more for, but worth it if you want to make something above the "norm".
 Beyond that, we get into the items and modifications that we offer that most other shops do not/cannot. Our porting and headwork is at a quality unmatched anywhere. Our lightweight oversize valves are our custom design and only manufactured for us. If the I can tell you if these older R6 motors are built using stock valves you can forget about making top notch power for 2012- that is a simple matter of airflow. Our exclusive innovations such as our FTZ timing advancer, our Hi-compression mods where we machine the piston domes on our CNC mill, our 10 plate clutch setup and the FTZ oil cooler system add to the $$ total, but also add tremendous value and life to the package. With your clutch slipping and oil overheating you just might need to buy several of these "low-balled" engines just to finish the season!!    
  And again, please take time to compare our estimate side by side with someone else's. We work very hard to make sure every item is listed on our estimates so our customers can see where every dollar goes to. No "smoke" or "funny business" here. If you are not getting a itemized estimate from another shop? then you are opening yourself up to get screwed, big-time.  We see more and more used parts being reused, don't assume they get put in. My point is simply: Their "comes with everything" can be a lot different from our "comes with everything".  It is just like on a 600 rebuild: If you add on new valve springs, new keepers, new oil pump, new cam chain and a oil pump drive chain, you just put nearly $400 on a man's ticket. But if those parts are worn do you really want them back in your motor to start the next season? which one do you want to take chance on failing? 
  So here is the bottom line: If you look at the attached estimate of our +2mil FTZ "Base" built motor, you see it is well under $5850. And that it still includes our Level2 porting & head mods, and the FTZ oversize valves. This alone clearly adds another $1200 value- putting our "value pricing" of this motor at well under $4700 on a "apples to apples basis" with this other builder's quote. (or basically what we would be charging to do the same level of work).
I can't say for sure Pard, but sounds like if anyone is over-charging- it would be them.
  I know you guys race hard and want good stuff, and I also know you don't want any problems this season. That is why we added in all our best upgrades and options on your original motor estimate. There is no doubt in my mind these are needed and worth any extra dollars spent in the long run.
I was hoping this email sheds some light on the value vs pricing issue. You really do get what you pay for in this business. At least from this shop.....anyway.
So thanks for the opportunity to explain all this, I don't get the chance talk to everyone as much as I would like to but I really felt this stuff needed to be explained in detail.
Don't hesitate to get with me with any questions,

Thanks for reading,

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