Jon's Trip "Down under":
Sat Dec30:
Early this last fall, I was invited along on a racing trip to Australia with Travis Senter Jr. & Sr. I signed up to go, and am now writing this from our guest's home at Warrnambool, a beautiful little seaside resort town in an area full of hard core dirt racing fans! Today is day 5 of the Formula 500 Oval Express Series and we are to race at Hamilton tonight. Trav won the race at Laang Speedway last night, and should have taken over the series points lead. We dropped a lot of points the first night after the chain fell off in the feature after Trav lead 14 laps or so- and should have had at least a top 3 finish. Don't think for a minute that these guys aren't tough competition- We have had to race our butts off! Aside from Trav's own car not arriving in time, us borrowing a car, and me having to bring a Level-2 R6 head down in my suitcase to put on a stock bottom end, we are now also afflicted with a small wing and narrow wheelbase/track rule- and get this: No hot laps at most of the races!! Talk about a test of setup guesswork! They also have some blokes racing some super lightweight (no weight limit) cars powered by 500cc 2 and 3 cylinder two-stroke snowmobile motors, and also 4 cylinder two-stroke RG500 factory Suzuki road race motors. Some tough competition for sure......
Anyway, the people are great, the fans are rabid- they are expecting maybe 10,000 at the final race! Trav's been in all the local newspapers, radio, glossy magazines (
USA vs Australia hype, etc) and they even have a big screen stadium video for replays- like at a major league ball game. They love their racing around here, that's for sure. I'll update when I can. Jon
See the video of a heat race at Adelaide (The black #2 on the outside, of course. Check out the crowd & stadium video screen!)
Sat Dec31: Well, we got it hooked up, the "suitcase motor" is running hard, and we won again last night at round 5 at Hamilton, a big round, tacky and flat Linda's or Granite City type track. We figure Travis now has over a 30 point lead for the Formula 500 Oval Express series. Our Western Australia customer Steven Gay has also won two rounds of the series as well. They drove over 36 hours just to get here! The final round will be New Years day and promise to be a big one!
Tue Jan2:
Made it home (gawd what a flight!) and got the word that Travis won the series points championship.....Good for that! But, I hated to miss the shootout though. Here is a couple of their magazine articles: Aussie Magazine Dec 06, and Aussie Magazine Jan 07.
And, of course see for more details & pics.
May '07: Australian Sprint car champion Max Dumesny drives Steve Caunt's FTZ powered Formula 500 car (600 Micro) to a big win "down under". See the article here
We invite our Aussie friends to call us anytime with any questions about FTZ Products........

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