*Nov 2002:
Scott Sawyer has won the NMMA national points championship again. This would make the 7th straight year that FTZ motors have won this tough series which points are totaled from your 18 best races. Scott has uses our proven Honda F3 package and Sawyer Chassis, of course. Monte Frey, Matt Reagan, Paul Esworthy, Kris Reagan and Scott Hathman also finished in the NMMA national top 10.
FTZ outlaw customers also won several other 2002 Track & Series Championships; Sammy Cassella won the Bridgeport Speedway 600cc Season Championship for the 3rd time. Rusty Pipes took the SOW6 Season Championship for 2nd year! Bill Duncan won the 2002 United Mini Sprint Association Championship and Travis Senter and won his series as well. Chris Massey won the season points at Jacksonville and many more. Great work guys!

*July 2002:
The 2002 season is off to a great start for many of our customers. Recently Scott Sawyer again set fast time and won the Multi class at the Central Regional Championships in Sweet Springs Mo. Scott also won the tough Oklahoma State championship as well. Scott uses our time proven Honda F3 with our Ignition and 2002 exhaust. Many of the cars at the Centrals had the newer model motors with the expensive electronic fuel injection. Despite turning the poor motors over 15,500 rpm, Scott could easily pull them off the corners, at least until he wore the RR tire off. Kris Reagan did the same thing to many of the fast guys in the "B" main, adding further proof that power off the corner is what wins most races.

Rick King had an impressive win in the "A" class feature at the Eastern Regional Championships in Wayne City, Il. Rick uses a Honda F4 with our 2002 model exhaust system and alcohol modified stock carbs with FTZ plenum airbox.

On top of that Dusty Parkhurst and Travis Senter finished 1 & 2 at the Outlaw Nationals at US24 Speedway in Indiana over the July 4th weekend.

Travis Senter also won the Farmer City World of Outlaws show. Donnie Bracket, Brett Anderson, Lance McKinney, and Chris Massey have been racking up many wins at several other Midwestern outlaw tracks.

Bill Duncan, Randy Burke and Rusty Pipes are all doing well in their Southern outlaw series with their FTZ F3's. Most of these guys run bigger tracks up to 1/2 mile in size.
Again this year, our guys in Pennsylvania are doing very well and winning.

We will add more later.

Excellent job guys!

Anybody got some racing pics of these guys?
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