2003 600 Micro Season :

*Dereck King- 2003 NMMA AA Multi Nat'l #1!
*Paul Esworthy- 2003 NMMA AA Multi #2!
*Matt Reagan- 2003 NMMA AA Multi #3
* Rick King- 2003 NMMA "A" Class #1!
*Brad Loyet- NAMARS 600 Class #1

2003: A tremendous season for FTZ Built 600's! For Eight consecutive years our seemingly timeless Honda F3/F2 Multi Motor has been used to capture the NMMA National Championship! 19 year old Dereck King took one of his Dad's (Rick) leftover carbureted FTZ F3's won 23 times and set fast time no less than 30 times this season!, including at the NMMA Nat'ls! Dereck had top finishes at most of the big NMMA shows and an awesome string of weeklies to amass over 2600 points! He also won the Belle-Clair Outlaw series and capped off the year by winning the Farmington Multi Madness Outlaw race in October. Monte Frey took his carbureted F3 to win the Oklahoma Outlaw Nat'ls in August. Last year's National Champ, Scott Sawyer, took his F3 to Garden City, Kansas and won both the Friday and the 50 lap Region 5 race against a field of "newer" motors. He finished 2nd at the Centrals as well. Dusty Parkhurst won the US-24 Outlaw Nat'ls for the 2nd year in a row. Gabe Maycock took Brian Homer's FTZ F3 to a win the Pepsi Outlaw Nat'ls at Pike County Raceway. .This makes most of the Midwest's big "Outlaw" races in 2003 won by FTZ F3's....
But on the other hand, Other racers have had great success with FTZ built F4i motors..(and Yamaha R6's): Oklahoma's Kris & Matt Reagan have had many successful races with their FTZ F4i multi's. Matt finished 3rd at the NMMA Nat'ls and won the "Centrals", with brother Kris finishing 3rd. Kris won the '03 Nebraska State Championship race. The FTZ F4i's have proven to be both very fast and reliable.
Yamaha R6 now appears to be the preferred choice for the both the "A" class and the "R" Restrictor class. The higher rev limit seems to be the main advantage and reliability seems good. Rick King asked us to build him an "A" class R6 to try for the '03 season, and the car proved to be very fast. Rick won the NMMA "A" class points Championship as well. He finished 2nd at the NMMA Nationals and won the "Easterns" and also made time to slip away to a few Outlaw races, a few of which he won!
See the
"Which is best F3, F4, or R6?" page for more..

*Gabe Maycock wins Pepsi Outlaw Nationals!
*Monte Frey wins Okla. Outlaw Nationals!
*Dereck King 2nd in NMMA Nationals! Sets fast time & wins Thursday qualifier..Matt Reagan 3rd **Rick King 2nd in "A" Class feature!..

*Matt Reagan wins Centrals! Sawyer 2nd, Kris Reagan 3rd.
*Rick King wins Eastern's -"A"class.
*Dusty Parkhurst wins US-24 Outlaw Nat'ls for 2nd Year!

Excellent job guys!

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