Micro Racing Highlights from 2001:

Scott Sawyer National #1: Our customers have again dominated the NMMA AAM national points championship for the the 6th straight year now. Oklahoma's Scott Sawyer has won the 2001 NMMA Multi class championship with Paul Esworthy second. Rick King who led the "A" class points for much of the season finished only 6 points shy of #1. This was the sixth year that FTZ engine customers have won the NMMA AAM National Points. Last year the first seven of the top 10 AA Multi's were our customers! This year 5 of the top 6. Great job guys!!!

Scott Sawyer, Adam Raber finish 1&2 at 2001 NMMA Nationals!

*Esworthy, Raber AAM 1st & 2nd at 2001 NMMA Easterns

*Rick King, Chad Souders 1st & 2nd in "A" class at 2001 NMMA Easterns

*Sawyer, Matt Reagan AAM 1st & 2nd at 2001 NMMA Centrals

*Travis Senter wins 2001 Granite City and Logansport Outlaw races

Season Wrap up December 2001:
The 2001 season was off to a great start for our customers. In July
Scott Sawyer and Matt Reagan finishing 1st & 2nd in the Multi class at the Central's in Oklahoma City. Paul Esworthy and Adam Raber did the same at the Eastern's at Peru,Indiana. Paul won the Indiana and Illinois State races. Scott has won the Texas State championship as well.

On top of that Rick King and Chad Souders took 1st & 2nd in the "A" class at the Easterns. Rick's F4 & Chad's F3 both used our Step-Header exhaust system and alcohol modified stock carbs. Also adding up several wins are FTZ "A" class customers such as Ryan Leek in Indiana, as well as many others.
Sawyer and Raber finished 1-2 at the NMMA Nationals in Garden City, Kansas. With Sawyer and Esworthy winning the qualifying features earlier in the week.

Other 600 Multi or Outlaw racers getting big wins were Travis Senter at both the Granite city World of Outlaws show and the Logansport Outlaw Nationals. Donnie Bracket won the big race at Pittsfield, Il. Ryan Bunton at Jacksonville won the track championship, and defending champs Brad Gentry and Bill Duncan finished up behind new FTZ customers Rusty Pipes and Scooter Sanders in their respective series down south. Sammy Swindell's son Kevin is getting to be smooth & quite fast with his new FTZ 600 multi adding up several top finishes. Most of these guys run bigger tracks up to 3/8 mile.
In the northeast Randy West, Blane Heimbach, Johnny Lieto and others have done very well at the various tracks. They run the FTZ Pennsylvania legal or "Linda's" motor combinations.
Sorry, I know I have left many others out, but thanks to all involved and keep up the good work!!

2000 Micro Season Highlights

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