Hot New FTZ ATV Stuff:

These are some of the new items we have been having great success with.
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NEW! here is a shot of the massive CP "Liger" cylinder on a Stroked CR500 bottom. This shows a std CR500 piston completely swallowed in the cylinder of this big bad boy.
a 97mm Bore!... 613cc!



NEW! NEW! NEW! for 2011: 435CC TRX250r Top end & Stroker packages available!
All aluminum with Nikisil bore......
Call for details on this badass of all "R's"


FTZ Billet 2-Stroke Silencers.

Fall '08: Now available as a "weld-on" silencer for Drag pipes, Micros, and Karts. This is a much better quality silencer than our old steel weld-on unit which is no longer available.
A much nicer piece for only an additional $50.

These are very lightweight and Sturdy units made in-house from CNC machined 6061 alloy.
No fancy polygon shape to insult your intelligence, just a lightweight, tough silencer for the serious racer and tuned for the most power.

Fits most 250 based exhausts, both in-frame exhausts and now Drag pipes. Easy to re-pack. ..................$95

New parts offered outright:
Summer '07: With the addition of our CNC machining equipment we have been able to streamline the manufacturing of much of the products that we, for years, had to hand fabricate. This has allowed us to now offer these items to other engine builders and do-it-yourselfers. Here are some examples:

FTZ "Booster" Power-Jet
for 2 or 4 Stroke carburetors.

For installing in your carb of choice.
This FTZ designed power-jet has have been the "Standard" for Alcohol 2-Strokes for decades. And over the years we have also seen them used successfully for gasoline, as well as used on 4-strokes from single cylinder dirt bikes to turbocharged four cylinder motors! FTZ "Booster" Power-Jet....$95

FTZ Billet Domes
to fit Pro-X, ESR, or Pro-Design 2-Stroke heads.
These are FTZ designed Domes for your Banshee or 250 based 2-Stroke motor- Take advantage of our decades of gasoline and alcohol power development. Custom machined to your needs. Call for specifics

* Four Stroke Porting & Head Mods
For most models.
Single and Multi Cylinders
The headwork is what makes a good motor into a great motor. Much craftsmanship go into these mods.
Total reshaping of the ports and combustion chambers and installing oversize valves greatly increasing both flow and velocity in the intake tract, giving the motor a "supercharged" effect by ram tuning. This headwork will usually gain more power than a big bore kit! And a must with one!
No other builder's "port job" even comes close.....................Call for pricing for your bike
Cam timing, sprocket slotting, and shimming extra.
Pistons, cams, spring kits, & rebuilding all available


* New FTZ Pleated Air Filters- More pleats for more area for more airflow and better filtration...$24.95 ea.
*Blue filter oil..........$7.95 *Custom made 4-in-1 Outerwears for these filters.......$12.95

FCR Keihen Flat-Slide Racing Carburetors
for 450's & most others.

Specify for Gasoline or Alcohol

*Daytona Digital MICRO TACHOMETER-

This is a 20,000 rpm Digital tachometer that will accurately read the engines rpm's. It also has the maximum rpm recall feature, so you can see what the max rpm was after the race.
This can save your motor

*Daytona Digital WATER TEMP GAUGE-

We now have an easy-to-read, matching water temp gauge to match the Daytona tachometer. Can be wired 12 volt or ran from its internal battery. Very lightweight and compact, a real advantage in tuning your carburation. For both 2-strokes and 4-strokes. This can also save your motor...............$99.95 Can also be used to monitor oil temps to further prevent engine failures.

We now have in-house CNC machining capability!

These are the rotors for our Full-Race Battery-fired Ignitions>

We now have in-house CNC machining capability.
If we need something better- Now we just make it......

You may have noticed some of our new covers and parts, etc. with the FTZ logo.
There will be much more to come. Got any good ideas for parts needed? Let us know!

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