Update Spring '06:
The Powervalve 370cc Package (actually 380cc)has been very popular recently- and have proven to be BAD ASS!
As in stand-up 6th gear wheelies with extended swingarms, destroying T-Rex & Cheetah Banshee's, etc, etc. This has to be the perfect two-stroke single motor package for a awesome combination of arm stretching Torque and Hi-Reving top-end! One guy has bought 5 of them! We think this is the ultimate size for a single cylinder two-stroke, producing the best combination of torque and high revs. This is much better than using 500 motors. Call for turnaround times.

TRX 250R Powervalve Cylinder and Motor Packages now available!: We have found this combination of both torque and peak power to be the ticket for motocross racing as well as a duner/drag racer or for the ultimate playbike. The 265cc motor can be built on the stock crank and Nikisil bored to .080" over, or built on our long-rod stroker crank using the standard crankshaft. For the Big Bore types: We can Nikisil big bore it to 350cc and also combine it with our longrod stroker crank up to 380cc. This 370 stroker motor, with our Superfat pipe, reed cage, and race ignition is our new "King of R's", making even more top end power than our 400R Monster motor. Drag racers and Duners love the torque along with the ability to rev like a 250. Add our alcohol carb and you might need to tape yourself to the handlebars to stay on! This is the one you want if you have to have the fastest Honda period. Call for availability and turnaround time.
*265cc Powervalve Topend with Piston & Gaskets..... $1750 *350/370cc version Powervalve Topend ..........$2000
Stroker conversion with bottom end rebuild approximately $800 to $950 more.
Other options include: the FTZ Superfat pipe, Hi velocity reed cage, Racing Ignitions, Gas or Alky carbs, billet clutch baskets.
Call for more details and recommendations for your particular needs and budget.

GNC TT Racing 2002: The 2002 racing season was a successful one for many of our ATV customers. Most notable in June we built our first 250cc Powervalve TRX250R motor for former Team Green rider Jackie Meadows.. Two days later he made his debut at the Dodge City GNC TT race, his first National race in 14 years. I broke in the motor and found it to have hard pulling torque from off idle to top rpm. We were hoping to match the peak power and topend of our awesome "Hybrid 250" motor, while improving lowend torque for MX and slick, tight TT tracks where traction is more important than power. We did just that and more. These things pulls like a turbo'ed truck.
By the end of the TT season we really had the powervalve motors dialed in. After chasing some ignition problems at some of the earlier races, we had top power by the last two races. At the Benton, Mo GNC National Darin Ogden had a great weekend with holeshots in almost every class. He wrapped up the Shorttrack National Championship with his win at the Oval track feature and a strong second place finish in the Pro TT feature. Jackie finished second in two classes as well. At the Greenville, Tn. season finale, it was Jackie's turn with him winning the 250 Pro-Am feature, also getting the holeshot and pulling the top pro's bikes down the straight-away lap after lap. Since then we have built several of these in various sizes for different types of racing, with great results.

Above: A standard 250r Piston inside the FTZ Powervalve 370---------- Cool Head w/ custom dome and Nikisil Bore.

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