A great big Congratulations to Dereck King for winning the 2009 Powri Season Championship by 1135 points!

Derrick is a very good, seasoned driver with a very good car. Some of you may not remember when DK won the 2003 NMMA Multi Championship, (the 8th in row for our motors). He won an amazing 30 features that year. The Kings will tell you that returning to FTZ power in 2009 has really stepped up their already good program and I think the results show that. Aside from the obvious increase in straightaway speed, the extra pulling power of the FTZ motor allowed them to take several teeth off the rear sprocket, letting the motor "lug" more which also helps a lot on slicker, smaller racetracks where tire spin is a issue. Another trick the good racers know is that with more torque you can tighten the car up to gain corner speed as well- less stagger, etc. a double benefit. I guess our first attempt to build the new 600RR turned out pretty well. So if Honda is your flavor of choice then we have good things for you.

Another big congratulations needs to go to Joe B. Miller. This young rising star managed to accumulate enough points to tie for 2nd place in the tough Powri series. They did this all on a single standard bore (599cc) FTZ '02 Yamaha R6! They raced this motor 45 times this year, had one rebuild @ 18 shows. They won 15 features, and placed in "top 3" 23 times. The Millers have come a long way since running my buddy Joe Loyett's "leftover's".
They show that some hard work, staying focused on the goal, and acquiring some better equipment can make a very successful racing program and build a name for your driver. They are now a force to be dealt with. We are very proud of their accomplishments and glad to see new sponsorship opportunities are opening up for them.
It has been pointed out to me that 7 of the 16 Powri races were won with our motors. Not bad given the large number of engine builders represented in any Powri event these days. (and we were really looking forward to the 3 day Granite City show to improve further on that record- but got yet another rainout……ugh). Remember we don't build motors to blow out some big number on some dyno, we build them to pull your racecar and pass cars. Believe me there can be a difference there.

I would very much like to show our appreciation to these guys and to all our customers and to everyone else that contributed to a very successful racing season- (despite most of our favorite races being rained out.)
Thanks to you all. I am the first to admit that without talented drivers and well set-up racecars, even the strongest motor can look like crap.
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