The following is the text from a email from a customer that we recently received, and my response that we would like to share with you.
This is the original email:

I'm getting a new engine for next year and have lots of questions. My current engine is a 05rr Honda with r6 carbs and I know it's time to replace it. Everyone is telling me that I need to go with a 08/09 Suzuki on injection to be competitive. I've gotten a quote on one of these from a "top" engine builder and feel it's kind of pricey. Our rules state stock bore/stock stroke and 600cc. I'm looking for an engine that will last for a while and still produce good horsepower. I would love it if I could do the and stay with my carbs just for the simplicity of the whole system. Do you only build Yamahas or is there an option of getting a Honda that will run as good?
This was my response:
Sure Bruce. I will try my best to explain what we see as your best options. Having rules that require stock bore and stroke makes a big difference as most of these newer motors won't make really good power without big-boring them. I wish that rule was worldwide (it should be-to keep costs down- plus our stuff would really shine). And whoever told you that you had to have a Suzuki to be competitive should look back on the statistics: I promise 99% of 600 micro winners nationwide and Australia ran something besides a Suzuki up til now. (hey-but we do like the motor- and so it is one option)
Okay here we go:
*If you want the hardest pulling- most torquey 600 then that would be our '02-'05 type Yamaha R6 pkg with Level-2 head and our trick Hi-compression mods, combined with our carbs and hot box ecu. This motor is proven time and again to be able to beat the 636cc competition in some of the biggest races. This motor has a longer stroke than all the new motors and especially at 600cc proven to be very reliable.

*If you want the most top end and rpm with a somewhat less pull off the corner then the '06up Yamaha R6 is the top choice. We can set it up with our carbs and modify the harness to bypass all the electronic throttle control complications. Requires a substantial oil pan mod. Motors and parts are plentiful/cheaper as with the older R6's. If you wish to go the fuel injected route then you want an '08up, But be prepared for lots of wiring, big battery and charging system required adding a bunch of pounds to your car, and also you need to travel to pay somebody that can dyno tune it properly- and hope they get it right.

*If you want the most reliable "flog it all year and don't even think about it" motor- then that will be the '07up Honda 600RR. Power similar to the '06up R6 but a just a bit less overall. Level-2 porting and possibly some trick pistons will make it very competitive. We can also set it up with our carbs and wiring mods and hot boxes are available. Motors are a bit harder to find and parts are more expensive when you do need them.

*The Suzuki GSXR is the other option- We have been working on these lately and we like the motor- It appears to be designed pretty robust like the Honda but with a little better head design and titanium valves. We can improve the stock power with our Level-2 porting, and with either pistons or piston mods. We have these running excellent on carburetors also. Only time will tell exactly how well they hold up over the long haul but everything is great so far. The motors are also harder to find and parts are more expensive, as with the Honda's. We hope to see a lot more of these threw the shop this winter.

I hope this helps and let us know your thoughts on which way would suit your needs best. We would very much like the chance to work with you on any of these options.
We can provide motors, or car kits for all of these, just let us know your preference.

p.s: I feel like it really doesn't matter the size of the track it is more about the shape- If you run the same speed all around and can flat-foot it the entire race then you can bias towards a top-end motor. But we all know that is not the "norm" and it is up to the torque and powerband to pull the car hard from slower corners to long straights -and that has been our speciality since we started building these things.

Thanks for reading,

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