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 FTZ built motors win both the Winged A-class and the Winged Outlaw class at the 2016 Tulsa Shootout!!
Congrats to Brady Bacon and Miles Paulus and their crews!

 **Note to our Australian friends:
  We are aware of the F500 rule changes to 600cc and have been testing out the best motor options.. Our choices seemed to have narrowed down to a fully built 600cc version of our well proven ’05 type R6 or R6s motor, The 2008 and newer Yamaha R6r, or else the ’08 &up Suzuki GSXR….and we offer a trick EFI package for either to add big power… please email for more info…

Hey Guy’s!! Some of what is new at FTZ >

600 Microsprint racers:  We are big believers in the saying “Standing still is going backwards”, so we have been hard at work on several new horsepower projects…some working with new motors, some making improvements on older motors.. (FYI: most of the motors we are building today are a significant refinement of those from even a couple of years ago).  We totally believe that you will not find a superior motor to these, anywhere.
So here is a sample of some of the new things going on:

 FTZ Electronic Fuel Injection!  dual airboxes 600

Announcing the new FTZ Airbox & throttle Body EFI package!!.
After months of R&D we now offer our own Intake/Airbox Design for the 600 Micro sprint motors.. Using the excellent 2008-2017 Yamaha R6r throttle bodies with moving velocity stacks, and using 8 injectors, (just as modern race bikes have for 10 years now).. All billet parts are designed by us and made in-house on our own CNC equipment. In our recent intensive dyno testing this tuned intake package has consistently made more power off the corner than similar R6r systems, and more topend power over fixed-stack 4 injector systems…and that’s been verified on Yamaha’s, Suzuki’s, Kawasaki’s- from stock 599cc to outlaw 636cc.. you name it…
  Rely on our four decades of experience in motorcycle engine pulse/ram tuning and airflow expertise to extract the most power from your motor, and do it with an affordable, consistent, trouble-free EFI system- using only the best top-shelf injectors & fuel system components combined with the best USA made ECU from Performance Electronics…
    We are taking orders now! Get with us about your NEW options in electronic fuel injection for 2017&2018 !
Complete packages starting under $3500..with the most popular package at $3795..
also doing upgrade conversions for all existing 600 micro sprint EFI systems..
Call 573-334-5439 or email
we can put together a detailed estimate for you, using as many of your present fuel system components as possible to keep costs down..

 2013/2014/2015/2016/2017 Kawasaki ZX636:
One big project for us last year was been the development of the 2013 and newer Kawasaki 636 engines..
  We have just finished that project after many weeks of engine work and dyno testing.. These motors were first rumored to make big power as right from the bike- but that has just not been the case in real life…(and this has been echoed by other engine builders we have talked to0). The power was just not up to par with the faster Powri guys…..(well not until now..)  after 600+ dyno tests we now have this Kawi motor up to our goal hp area- and this set up and modifications are now ready for release.
  The key? It was right where it is often found: …in the cylinder head… With proper headwork, expert installation of our custom oversize valves, careful reshaping of the ports & throttle bodies  then we were finally able to make the power we had been seeking…          
 *note: In June 2015 one of these motors went into Josh Kilgore’s Boss chassis driven by 3 time Powri Champion Derrick King for  testing on the track, all the while we continued to test on our motor bolted in the FTZ dyno engine stand. These guys have been running FTZ Hondas for many years, and won many races- including the first Powri race of the 2015 season- but we felt this Kawi motor would be a step in a better direction. The horsepower was about the same between the two at first, but with these latest gains, we have well exceeded the Honda’s best…(and many people will tell you that was the best running Honda they have seen).
Stk head vs FTZ head Kawi text
 Keep in mind these Kawi motors have never had the cases split, they are as came right from the bike, only the headwork, oil pan mods and clutch work have been done. This makes a very affordable engine build, without having to split the cases and replace pistons and rods, bore and Nikisil, etc..   No, it is not as fast as Nathan Benson’s full built Gsxr- but it’s not near the work and expense for custom made parts either..
  This is simply a great “bang for the buck” for any 636cc legal motor rules..
  So if you plan to race one of these new Kawi motors please check in with us. We have everything you need to make this a competitive micro sprint motor:
*Oil pan mods and custom pickup, (note: many of the pickups being made are of poor design and could lead to burnt rod bearings..)
*FTZ Headwork with oversize valves, this is where the hp gains come from.
* 6-spring clutch mod (stock clutch is very weak- it only has 3 springs like it is made to slip in the bike).
* Special design FTZ exhaust built just for this motor..developed during all our recent dyno work with this model.
* We have FTZ oil cooler adapters and can re-angle the water pump inlet forward so you don’t have to loop the coolant hose over the top of the crankcase anymore- risking an airlock.
*We also offer a complete FTZ designed EFI package using the excellent Performance Electronics PE3.. 100% developed in-house, all fully tested, perfectly tuned and ready to put on these motors and go race..
Please contact us right away for prices and options.

..and yes, for those so inclined: we do have FCR Flatslide carburetor packages for this motor also.. 

SuzukiGSXR_636cc  GSXR600 Suzuki- This is our brute horsepower & torque King! .. 
 Nathan Benson used one of these Gsxr motors to secure the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Powri Championships!  To see what this motor can do when there is “room to rock” see:
 So if you are thinking you want to not fear any competitor, and go into battle with the best weapon available- then get in touch with us- and let’s do it right.
*We now can supply you with a total FTZ electronic fuel injection system which these Suzuki motors really like…
give us a call or email…
Benson car 2016 600Benson motor

**Together and for sale now: FTZ built Suzuki Gsxr Outlaw Stroker 636cc motor…
All the best speed tricks and custom parts used. Top Shelf all the way.
The impressive horsepower is freshly verified from our recent dyno testing.
see more at: 

**The new design GSXR 600 exhausts are now available..  More Power, better fitment… Get one on order now! 

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05R6  FTZ Yamaha R6s Outlaw Motor- 618cc/636cc- or 600cc for Australia’s F500 or your local track’s 600cc max rules.  This motor represents our peak development of the longer stroke earlier model R6’s. The latest version of this unit is a ’05 type or R6s bottom end with all our internal options & mods, including FTZ Level2 Hi-velocity porting work with raised port floors, trick custom pistons with CNC machined piston domes for higher compression, new lightweight Carillo rods, the FTZ 10 plate clutch option as well as our extensive transmission and oiling system and pan mods. This motor has proven to run very well on both the OEM R6 carbs or the FCR flatsides, even better our trick FTZ/Engler EFI system or the Guhl ‘R6r system converted to it.
 Awesome low-end pull combined with great hi-rev capability. 
The 600cc version makes very impressive power for it’s size, and is our top choice for the 600cc max tracks.
Please contact us and we can pick the best bang for the buck for your particular rules and situation.

This motor at 600cc was used to win the 2016 Tulsa Shootout! against 130 other cars- mostly 636cc!

#22 Travis Senter used a motor exactly like this one for both his I-30 Nationals wins:


 Lightweight Carillo R6 rods- After many years Carillo is making some lightweight rods for the Yamaha R6’s.  They are available for both the older and the newer model Yamaha R6s and some other 600’s. We tried the standard Carillo rods in these motors years ago and soon had bearing failures in those motors. These are considerably heavier than the stock rods, which just added more load on the bearings at high rpms-
Note: The stock rods are actually strong enough to carry any load these motors can dish out, but some guys have managed to bend the beam of the rods causing the bearing to then bind and fail, and usually making a mess of things. About the only way these rods can be bent like that is by Hydro-locking the motor with fuel- which unfortunately can quite easily accomplished with an overflowing carb, or a stuck injector, or just simply not keeping the water out of the intakes while pressure washing. (see this on hydro locking here) So the big cross section on the beam of the new Carillo’s does much to eliminate that, while not being so heavy as to kill the bearings. We now offer these rods as a highly recommended option on builds and rebuilds and consider this a good form of insurance. And as with much of this sort of part, these may seem easy to “throw some in”- but installing them correctly is another, much more technical matter.

R6OilPanMod023) ’99 to ’05 Yamaha R6 or R6s oil pan mod- We have used the stock ’02 type R6 oil pan and pickup from the start with the R6’s and have had the ‘don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” mentality about this vital part of the motor. We have seen many billet designs that were not thought out very well as to oil flow, plus being very expensive. So we came up with a new, very affordable mod that retains the rigidity of the stock pan while utilizing a  sheet metal bottom for increased toughness, more oil capacity and a bit more ground clearance. One advantage of this pan is with most motors you can install it yourself without even removing the pickup.


Announcing! The biggest advance in 600cc Microsprint engine reliability!

The FTZ Oil Cooler Kit- This is a life saver for your engine!

This uses the latest in hi-tech water/oil intercooler that mounts remotely in most cars, so you only need one cooler per car and one adapter per motor. For all popular 600’s. They are here and ready to ship!

for more info…. See the new FTZ Oil Cooler Page link here

FTZDyno12_300pxlFTZ dyno update 2015:  We have  built an trick engine stand for our new chassis dyno and got it dialed in. It works awesome! So now not only can we dyno test your car but we can test just your motor as well if having the car here is impractical.
A big thanks goes out to the outstanding tech guys at Land & Sea for their excellent product support…… These guys are the top rung on the “dyno” ladder.

New Dyno- We spent weeks researching a new chassis dyno…and then after the decision was made we waited 14 weeks for delivery…and then the fabrication began to adapt it to use first with Micro Sprints.. this is what separates the rock stars from the groupies: You are now able to get your car tuned by people with our wealth of experience and complete engine building knowledge and on the latest “state of the art” equipment. No more second guessing the dyno operator skills or procedures.

Some history: Actually we have had an in-house engine dyno since 1991, and it has served us very well over the years in our product development- both 2 stroke and 4 stroke: Our exhaust systems, all our engine mods, ignition components, carburetor conversions, were all tweaked to the max on this machine. We have done tens of thousands of “pulls” and can tell you like with using any tool, precision results depends on the skills and procedures of the operator. But, because it takes so many hours to bolt a motor in and hook everything up on an engine dyno- plumbing, wiring, cooling system, etc. it has always been totally impractical to put customer’s motors on it for a “quick tune”, or for troubleshooting some problem. That will change with this new state-of-the-art chassis dyno. Plus if a guy has something like with misfire usually it is nothing to do with the motor, or even the carburetors- but some issue on the car such as bad fuel or fuel system , wiring or electrical problems, or even something like over-cooling. We have lost good customers over this kind of thing and it’s frustrating to know that we did everything “in shop” as well as anyone could- just to have some issue arise from something on the guy’s car. DynoConsol3This new unit, combined with our experience, should give us the extreme accuracy we demand. So you can trust us to get it right- no wild or phony hp numbers here.
This is another part of the plan to make and keep FTZ Performance your best choice for superior power and reliability.

We have done extensive in-house testing with various 600 fuel injection systems in the last several months. We have always good power and dependability with our carbs, but technology marches forward and- as always- are seeking an edge. Trust us to separate the truth from the “smoke” in this matter.

Check back often for updates on this and more new stuff coming online.



 Trav08carbsSmGet with us about building your

2006 to 2016 Yamaha R6 motor:

These black motors are getting more and more popular in certain regions. They have good high rpm capability making for a wide powerband. We can build these as 600cc or 636cc. Anything from stock class to full outlaw, mild to wild. Let us put a package together that fits your needs. They have been used with both carbs and injection but really respond to well to a proper EFI .

We have a new design FTZ exhaust system specially designed for this model motor.

We have test our new FTZ EFI system on this model engine with awesome results… check in for more info.

There is lots of variety going on around here these days! Keep in touch!


FTZharness06Wiring harned mods: for the 2006-’07 R6r as well as the 2008-’16 model R6r as well.
Several years back we worked out a wiring harness mod for eliminating the tricky throttle-by-wire system on these models, allowing you total freedom to use carburetors with an optimized ignition system!
……..further improved since 2015..  
Also offered now is an option to go with the PE3-IG ignition only ECU with custom harness.. definitely a step up!
Call for details…………

FTZharness02We offer ignition conversion kits (now in stock) for the ’03-’05 injected R6’s- Utilizing the ’99-’02 type harness & ECU, or the 2003-05 harness & ECU,  and offer the  modified “hot box” to raise rev limiter and eliminate the complicated stock harness and all sensors.

**We have stepped up our program on all wiring harness mods, using armored sheathing and shrink tube to ensure that you don’t have any problems at the track and a first class appearance. A huge step above the average taped harness modification.



OILPANsm’06-’16 Yamaha R6 Oil Pan Mod- With an improved oil pump pickup system- Better oil delivery and filtering to protect the crank & rod bearings from damage. We can update your previously modified pan to use this better pickup system. Only trust the 600 experts for these important modifications.  **Now recommending our custom fabricated oil pickup…drastically reduces engine failures from spun bearings.

New FTZ Exhaust: We have developed a special Exhaust System especially tuned for the 2006-2016 Yamaha R6 motors- Call for details

Ask us about our new fuel delivery system!

Using the Mychron data system to study data during a race, we are able to see real-time changes in aspects like air/fuel ratio and fuel pressure. This has led us to rethink the fuel delivery systems. We have been testing with a new higher pressure in-line pump and special bypass regulator which is arranged to deliver more consistent and even pressure at the carb. A “must have” for FCR carbs that really drink fuel quickly with their accelerator pumps.
So don’t think that your system is just as good- it’s not, but you just not aware of how much your pressure spikes and drops during a race- and the negative effect on power it is causing. Call in for more details.

MOTORTABsm*R6 or R6r Motor Mount Mod-
We have came up with a neat little mod to reinforce the right front tab used by many chassis companies to mount the motor. This tab was never intended as a motor mount, it only holds the fairing on the bike, and they come in broken all the time. We machine off the tab, and expertly weld on a hefty replacement that we CNC machine from billet to make it many times stronger. Request this done on your motor- when bought new or rebuilt.
Only $65 ……Also a similar one can be done for the left side as well.


*R6 Carb Alcohol conversion- for all popular 600’s

Our Yamaha R6 alcohol conversion is  proven over many years. We are getting calls from many guys that have replaced their previous carbs with FTZ modified carbs, and are feeling a big power gain- especially when combined with the FTZ exhaust! A real plug and play fuel solution if you don’t have to have the very last horsepower made by our EFI systems.
 Awesome option: Call about the latest Air Correction Jet Option- Allows you to make mixture tuning changes easily and better power! Ditto for our new Billet Velocity Stacks! These are just 2 more reasons why our carbs make more power!

VSTACKSsm  VstacksCarbs

Popular:** Hi-Rpm Velocity Stacks for the Yamaha R6 carbs- We have made these trick velocity stacks for the original ’99-’02 R6 carbs. They where used to record our best dyno tests ever. When they were first put on a set of carbs, it made 3 more hp on the very next pull! These are the best hp gain for the buck you will find!

Made from aircraft aluminum on our in-house CNC machines. …………………………….$200 set of 4.

** FTZ Level-2 R6 Porting & Head Mods

This headwork will help your motor, regardless who built it.

Also for other makes and models.


These mods allowed us to produce as much as 10 more HP than without. Nobody else offers anything close to the craftsmanship that goes into this awesome modification package. Along with total reshaping of the ports and combustion chambers and installing our custom made oversize valves, we make special CNC billet pieces to raise the port floor, greatly increasing both flow and velocity in the intake tract, giving the motor a “supercharged” effect by increased ram tuning.

This headwork combined with our high compression mods is like getting a 2mm overbore!

No other builder’s “port job” even comes close…………………$1000 to $1500 + valves & seals.
Cam timing, sprocket slotting, clearancing and shimming extra.

Base Level Motor:

R6MOTORonlywebWe are now offering an “Base Level” Outlaw 600 R6 Engine and also as a “Car Kit” Engine Package-

For the competitive minded 600 Outlaw Micro Sprint racer that wants a FTZ built motor- but can’t justify the cost of a full blown package with all the extra bells and whistles. No one really wants to go out there with a stock motor and have the guys with built motors pull away leaving you back in the pack bashing it out with all the back markers! This is a good motor to “build on” or upgrade later if you wish. This package uses our Level1 portwork/head mods with our custom oversize valves, a full bottom-end rebuild, and all our internal engine mods for improving reliability including updated transmission gears and a new oil pump with our exclusive oiling system mods and oil drain relocated.
The motor/engine unit itself starts at only $4995 outright.

The “Base Level” Car Kit package:
This includes most everything you need to outfit a new car. Includes the above motor in a package with FTZ modified carbs w/air correction mods and jet kit, FTZ air filters, FTZ Exhaust system, full electrics and ignition system with modified harness. Ready to bolt in your car.
Call for current pricing.
*We feel this engine package is still more than competitive with any of our competitor’s best built motors!, and also more reliable than even a bone stock motor…So why run a stocker in anything but a stock class?

R6MtrPkgA*These motors are very low maintenance, and most “during-season” service work such as checking valve clearances,etc. can be done yourself, or by any qualified motorcycle mechanic.

Just call and ask about the “Base Level” Outlaw 600 motor for more details!

See Level2 details below for “All out” motor and packages



This is a 20,000 rpm Digital tachometer that will accurately read the engines rpm’s. It also has the maximum rpm recall feature, so you can see what the max rpm was after the race. This is a “must” for anyone using a “Hot Box” or modified ignition ECU.
This can save your motor……………$149.95


watertempgauge*Digital WATER TEMP GAUGE-

Also: Can be used as an oil temp gauge! highly recommended!

Just put the sending unit in the oil galley using one of our gauge adapters.
Oil too cool?= Boom! Oil too hot?= Boom!
Just think about what that might save you!!

We now have an easy-to-read, matching water temp gauge to match the Daytona tachometer. Can be wired 12 volt or ran from its internal battery. Aside from being very lightweight and compact, a real advantage is the small easy to install sender is able to be fit directly into the cylinder head- where it belongs- not in the waterneck or hose or radiator, giving a much more accurate reading.
This can also save your motor……………$99.95

** R6 Oil Pressure Gauge Fittings-oilpresadaptr2

Can be used with coolant temperature gauge above to monitor your oil temps..highly recommended! 

Also fits R6, Honda RR, Gsxr600 and many other motors with a 16mm thread.

A necessary item to adapt your vital oil pressure gauge. Screws direct into the main oil pressure gallery for an accurate reading. 16mm to 1/8 NPT pipe thread……………….$15.95

*Check with us for Hi-tech Oil pressure and water temperature gauges.




* FTZ Timing Advancer Rotor- for ’99-’02 R6 motors with “Hot Box” ECU.

This is a rotor we designed especially for R6’s using the Modified stock ECU or “Hot Box”. This rotor will advance the timing to the exact specs that made the best power in our dyno testing. Expect better throttle response and better starts with this rotor as well as an overall power increase. Will work with ’03-’05 R6’s with the ’99- ’02 cover & trigger, harness . Not legal in some of the stock classes.

FTZ R6 timing rotor…………. $55

 FTZ Big Track exhaust Collector

**no longer recommended with our new 2014up design headers (no power gain) 

This collector will add 2-3hp to the power above 9000 rpm and fits all our pipes since 2004. A moderate flat spot similar to other brands of pipes is in the 7000-8000 rpm range, so this is not for small one lane race tracks where you have to slow way down for traffic..$169.95 bare, $189.95 coated.

**35mm FCR Keihen Flat-Slide Racing Carburetors for most 600’s

This is just the best way to go if you have to go with carbs..
We have perfected these top notch aftermarket carbs for the alcohol 600 Micro’s. We CNC machine our own trick alcohol needle to give these awesome throttle response and low end. …….$1450 with FTZ Blue Filters, ready to bolt on and rip! Can be adapted to 2006up R6, Honda 600RR, and most others! Call us!

FCRflatslides  FCRsR6a

* New FTZ Pleated Air Filters-

We had these cool blue filters made to fit better on the Yamaha R6 carbs, but they fit on the Keihen Flatslide FCR carbs as well. In our dyno testing on unrestricted motors, these 5″ tall filters made the best power by far, over any airbox………$24.95 ea. Note: When we were recently dyno testing the 636 Kaw. we changed out a set of tall K&N’s with a set of these and gained two horsepower on the very next run!

*Blue filter oil……….$7.95 can *Custom made 4-in-1 Outerwears for these filters…….$29.95

R6Carbs2  bluefilter2

 Hot: * FTZ 600 Exhaust Systems-

For most all 600’s- for the Yamaha R6 & R6r, Kaw.636, GSXR600’s and Honda 600RR’s. This is our unique design we specially developed for the 600 motors. We have seen over 8 HP increases over our earlier exhaust designs. We have been told by other’s dyno testing that this pipe made up to 10 more horsepower than other brands of exhaust. Don’t ignore this important (and legal) tuning aid. Adds both torque & horsepower… Comes complete with our tapered core muffler with Stainless steel shell and exhaust springs & exhaust gaskets……$485    *Ceramic coating is available. coated set $595.

New in 2014: We have developed a special Exhaust System especially tuned for the 2006up Suzuki GSXR as well as the 2006 to present Yamaha R6 motors-as well as the 2013up Kawi 636’s.   more hp!! same price!!


*Shipping Containers

We now carry these excellent shipping boxes which are perfect for shipping 600 motors in. Especially shipping overseas where wood crates are frowned upon. $250
often allows motors to be shipped with UPS ground-along with full insurance coverage!


 *** Garage Sale:  well the Powri rules were changed again for 2013 on ….leaving us with custom oversize pistons, including some +3mm Gsxr600 piston sets (655cc) that we will sell cheap- Pass it on to any bike guys or anybody wanting wanting to build a motor bigger than 640cc….

640cc + “Monster Motors”- With some racing organizations now allowing motors bigger than 640cc we now offer that as an option. We don’t care for the rule, but you have to race within the rules you have- not the rules you wish you had. The details of the “how it’s done” become even more important on large cc motors. Plus big cc’s without adequate “breathing” is a waste. You can trust us to get it right.
Common sizes are 655cc, 688cc, and 700cc

***July 2012: Mike Hudson’s Powri Honda recently made 152hp and 63.5 lbs of Torque at Stewarts Dyno Service!
It’s a brute! If you just have to have the baddest motor in the land then you know who to call!

We are one of the only engine shops that have in-house CNC machining capability- If we need a part made better- now we just make it ourselves!… this is a real advantage.   
There will be much more to come. Got any good ideas for parts needed? Let us know!

Remember our new Online parts store: