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2013 is our 28th Year of "Makin' You Fast!"

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*Now doing Carburetor and wiring harness conversions for '07up Honda 600rr's and '08up Suzuki Gsxr's!! Call us.

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We have changed our oil recommendations for the 600's. Please call or email for specific recommendations. 573-334-5439

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logo Fall 2013 into 2014: The New Improved FTZ..
We have spent most of the year building, and moving into our new facility. That is now nearly complete. Along with the new shop building, we have a new state-of-the-art dyno, new tooling, new crew members, and a renewed commitment to be the best performance shop- anywhere!
Our major emphasis going forward will be to build the best, top-flight motors and products in the world... If we think you could get a particular product, or motor built better elsewhere- we will simply refer you to them...

Things are now getting back up to speed after the big move, and we encourage you call- or to contact us by email with any questions or inquiries. The phone is 573-334-5439 and manned 9 to 6 weekdays. Our email address is:
ftzracing@gmail.com or via GMail. email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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including the recent amazing 152hp Honda 600rr dyno run..

Hey 600 Guys: If you got a buddy at the racetrack that doesn't have one of our FTZ oil coolers on their 600 Micro sprint, tell them that they really need to give their motor a break! The cooler oil can certainly help to keep it from burning the rod bearings....you gotta feel sorry for these motors sometimes! Have them call in to Kent at 573-334-5439 and we can get them fixed up... Link to oil cooler page

Ask about our Level-2 Multi/Outlaw R6 Headwork! Nothing else like it- We have been perfecting Hi-Velocity port shapes since the early '80's ... and don't think it can be easily copied: we've seen many laughable attempts. A nearly 20 % total flow increase with this and our other new tricks, add up to an amazing 8-10 horsepower gain over our previous versions.
We feel confident that our new R6 Headwork, Carbwork and FTZ Exhausts are the very best available.
If you want your motor to pull hard down low and still rev to the moon, this is what it takes.

Don't expect big power out of a big bore motor if it can't "breathe".






"Air flow = Horsepower".....and Air flow is simply "what we do best."

We are proud to announce that Dave Hedington of Hyper Australia is our dealer for FTZ motors and products!
Dave has long been a force in developing the 600's in the Formula 500 class "downunder" and is a great guy.
Of course our Aussie customers can still deal with us direct but now you have the option to get our stuff "in country." So feel free to contact Dave for FTZ motor packages as well as FTZ carbs and Exhaust systems he plans on having on hand in WA or his trailer at the racetrack/speedway:
Hyper Racing Australia
Unit 5, 5 Atlas Court,
Welshpool, WA. 6106
Phone- 08 9356 2055
Mobile- 0417 900 858
Email- Dave@unitedspeedway.com.au

May 18: Travis Senter wins Belleville Powri show.... It was one of the most exciting races in recent memory.... more details on our facebook blog...Here

Soap box time again!! Here is an email response to a customer would was presented a quote for a new R6 motor from another shop that was cheaper than ours. I would like to share this with you. This is a good explanation of how we try to do things at FTZ.
See page link here

A big Congratulations goes out to Bobby "Z" Zaiontz for dominating the USCS 600 Sprint National Championship series points for 2011!!
The second place contender was over 1000 points behind at last count!
Bobby went another direction with his motor program a few years back but made the change back to FTZ for last season and has only gone forward. We know from being involved in the winning of 9 straight NMMA AA-Multi championships that to win a big series like this you need to be both fast and consistent. To place up front race after race doesn't just happen by accident. Yes it takes good equipment, but it also takes hard work and dedication of those involved.
Good job to Bobby Z and his crew !!

Hey, check out this YouTube video done by Dusty Young: http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=3bWd2VPsT-I
Dusty has been around for many years and has driven about every kind of Micro chassis and motor combinations imaginable. As a promoter he played a major role in getting the I-30 600 Nationals started and is currently involved in the promotion of the 2012 Riverside Raceway Internationals- which looks like it could easily be the biggest race in history of Micro Sprints! We are proud to be a part of his excellent program.
In the Fall of 2009 we ended up with a couple of "leftover" R6 618 motors. We decided to offer them as a sponsorship package at a substantial discount. Many good racers applied and it was a tough choice, but we decided to award them the Dusty Young from Arkansas, and Jeb Sessums from Texas. Both these guys went on to have exceptional seasons with them. Hey good things happen when good racers get better power!

*also here is a cool video of these guys in a great race at the 2010 I-30 Nat'ls
Jeb in the red 02 car, Dusty in the white #1 and our Aaron Ruetzel in the black #4

*Be sure to see our New Microsprint Products page!
and also the recently updated
"Which is the best motor to buy" page.......
*and if you are limited to 600cc (by the rules- or your wallet) then you will want to read this response to a customer asking which motor is the best "way to go". here is the link...

June '11: This is an interesting email we received, and our response.
Sometimes you just have to push back the BS.... Here is the link to the page. and please read my note at the end.

July 15: Senter wins first night of 2011 I-30 Nationals!
Dominating his heat, qualifier and the feature race, only to loose a chain at the start in Saturday's feature.
June 16: Mike Hudson wins Lincoln Powri show!
Another win for FTZ Honda RR's! We told you these things can "Get-er-done"!

Apr.16: Dereck King wins Clarksville $2k-to-win race!
and also Wayne county Powri show May 21!
The DK is back!
with several top three finishes already this season with his bad boy FTZ Honda RR.
Apr.2nd: Senter wins first Three USCS 600 races!
June update: and Three more since!!!
Three in a row- A fine way to start the regular season! Here's a
Still using his tried and true FTZ '05 R6 with carbs. Hey, ever hear of: "If it ain't broke don't fix it?"
Daniel Harding wins Western Australian Championship!!

These guys keep hammering the competition, so far racking up over dozen wins and here another major title race!

USCS 600 series 600 2011 debut: Another FTZ 1-2-3!!
see: http://uscsracing.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=509&Itemid=1

Jan.9th: Travis Senter wins Australia's Oval Express Series for the 3rd time!!
With consistent top finishes in heats, dashes and features, Travis maintained his points lead through the 8th and final race. This makes 3 championship series wins in 3 attempts for the fast man from Arkansas.
"Oval Express" is an awesome Australian magazine dedicated to oval dirt track racing. They often feature articles on races and racers of the Formula 500 class (their 600 Microsprints) complete with big, full page, glossy pictures. They also sponsor this grueling eight race series every year. We should be so lucky here in the USA.

Round 5 winner

Jan.7th: Trevor Harding Jr. again wins in round 7 of the Oval Express Series!! This talented young Aussie ex-speedway motorcycle racer scores his second win of the series! Travis Senter finishes a conservative 4th maintaining his series points lead with only one race to go.
We are proud to add that this makes 4 Oval Express wins in 7 races for our FTZ R6 customers.
These guys all run our silver R6's at 618cc on stock carbs or flatslides. This combination has proven over time to be our winning-est motor package since we dominated with the F2& F3 Hondas. It offers a wide smooth powerband and we think this is the best overall combination of Torque and RPM in Microsprints....
Jan.6th: Travis Senter wins round 6 in Oval Express Series!!
And takes over the series points lead!! A good fight back after a rough start....Only two more races to go!
Dec.31: Trevor Harding Jr. wins round 2 in Oval Express Series!! These brothers mean business! Outstanding start to this tough series! see:http://formula500.com.au/default.asp?Page=Release&Id=38685
Dec.30: Daniel Harding wins round 1 in Oval Express Series!!
Now that's the way to get things started out on the right foot! Brother Trevor Jr. broke a chain and could not make the feature after finishing second in his heat. Travis Senter managed a 6th from 8th on what he called a crowded track.
Australia's Oval Express Series soon to kick off In Australia Dec 30th

Travis Senter has once again traveled "down under" to try to win this prestigious series for the third time. They will race eight nights, each at different speedways. Also to be in attendance will be many of our Aussie customers including the new Australia #1 Daniel Harding. Believe me, all these guys are fast!
They are big believers in FTZ Horsepower.



Sept 25: Joe B. Miller wins 2010 I-30 Nationals!!
Beating most of the country's fastest 600 Microsprint racers! with his tried and true '02 Yamaha R6 on carburetors. Congratulations and thanks to all FTZ customers attending!
Our guys had a great week starting off with Aaron Ruetzel, Dusty Young, and Jeb Sessums finishing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in Thursday’s feature! And our guys showed superior power and speed all week- racking up many wins in the heats and qualifiers throughout the event. Travis Senter parked his new injected car after a mysterious lack of power Thursday, and brought out the carburetted car to again run extremely well, passing cars easily when traction permitted and missing 2nd place Friday night by just a wheel.

Joe B Miller 2010 National winner


The Millers used their FTZ built 599cc '02 Yamaha R6 Saturday after their bigger motor got a rock through the oil pan earlier in the week, and he certainly got the job done in the end- beating many newer, much bigger motors with expensive fuel systems that just could not
pull him a bit from turn to turn. Good work guys!

*Be sure to see our
New Microsprint Products page! and also the recently updated "Which is the best motor to buy" page.......

*BTW, This is the 3rd year out of 5 that our carbureted Yamaha R6’s have won this big event with many of the fastest guys in the country competing on this awesome fast racetrack.
"Our advice to any Micro racer that wants to win is: Concentrate on the basics: like torque, powerband, corner speed and dependability. Please don't get caught up in all this buzz about this newer motors, new complicated injection systems and other expensive gadgets that quickly fall out of tune.. Go with what gives reliable, usable power that is proven again and again to win big races. You are not at a disadvantage with a older or even a smaller motor as long as it has FTZ on it!! Our 600cc motors beat 636cc motors quite often. Remember- it is the complete MOTOR PACKAGE that makes the power- not just an induction system, etc. Put your hard earned money where it counts the most. Call or email us and we can hook you up with the same exact packages all these recent winners have."
Sept 23: Opening Night at I-30 Nationals: Another FTZ 1-2-3!!
Aaron Ruetzel, Dusty Young, and Jeb Sessums.

Passing each other lap after lap In a most exciting race. Interesting to note that Sessums and Young where the recipients of the "Sponsorship support" motors that we offered last winter. All three were running our favorite older model Yamaha R6s with our carburetors and all our usual mods-
Check out this YouTube video of this awesome race:
* The race really really gets interesting about 5 minutes in! Note: Sessum's great starts (red/orange #01) and Dusty Young's charge to the front in the last few laps (white #1). And as you can see all our motors run great!
Proven fast-- Proven reliable-- Better get you some FTZ!!

June 2010: Dereck King 2 in a row!- Brownstown Powri June16th -ditto!
FTZ 1-2-3!! FTZ customers fill the podium at the Granite City Powri show June 11th!

Dereck King takes the win with Joe B. Miller 2nd and Travis Senter 3rd. And all with different FTZ-built motors. Joe B. lead for 17 laps with his 599cc '02 R6 until a red flag and some handling problems set in. '09 Powri champ Dereck King found his stride, passing for the win with 2 laps to go. Travis Senter plowed to the front to finish 3rd from a 9th place starting position- first time out with a brand new car and motor combo. Good Job Guys! Gotta love these big horsepower race tracks!

April 2010: Daniel Harding wins Australian National Title race!!
-using his '02 type FTZ R6 motor & carb set-up to win their most prestigious race of the year "down under" and allowing him to display the AUS #1 on his car for next year.. Both the Harding boys have been on a roll this season. Congratulations to the entire crew! More to follow..........
and see this video of them racing at the awesome Perth Motorplex:
Now that is a Horsepower track!

Dereck King "owns" Powri series Championship!
Winning the Powri series by 1135 points! And our Joe B. Miller ties for 2nd place! Great job guys! Here is a link to a recent post....here

FTZ Oil Cooler: a Major Success! read more here....

Sept 2nd: Joe B. Miller takes the Macon Powri show!
This kid is smokin' HOT this year- with at least a dozen feature wins so far!
Who says you have to have a big bore to win? We aren't just blowin' smoke when we claim our standard bore Level-2 R6 motors outrun the other's 636s..."599 is fine!"
Aug 8th: Dereck King is now leading the Powri series with an astounding 900 point lead!! after his recent Washington, MO win....
Jun 15th: Dereck King and Joe B. Miller 1-2 at Farmington Powri Show!

big fast racetrack.
May 16th: Travis Senter takes the $2000-to-win at Clarkesville.... for 5th year! FTZ motors rocked with a 1-2-3 at the $2000 to win make-up feat
ure as Joe B. Miller and Dereck King finished out the top three. Dereck came back to win the weekly race later the same night, acquiring his 4th feature this year win since installing FTZ power.
May 2nd: Dereck King wins Powri Belleville opener! with his new FTZ Honda- Yes that's right, Honda.... We decided to try all our tricks on the new type Honda motors ('07-'08) since they have got more popular- and it seems to more than able to get the job done as DK has chalked up 2 wins, a 2nd a 3rd, and a 5th since putting this motor in his car. This new Honda is not the most powerful motor we have ever built but is a good solid-built motor and makes the right "kind" of power, smooth and torquey.
As always, call for more details.
Jan 31st: Senter wins 1st Round of Florida's East Bay Nationals! and Wins 2009 series.
see link: http://www.karnac.com/floridatracks/html/eb.shtml
Jan '09:Travis Senter Jr. again wins the Australian Oval Express Series Championship! After winning this important series two years ago on our last trip "down under" (details below), Travis wanted to go back and try it again. This time several top American racers were also present adding to the already tough competition there. Trav started out well with a 2nd in the first round, then winning the next three rounds, and then went into the last two rounds in a bit of a "cautious mode", having a comfortable series point lead finishing back a bit but securing the championship.
We invite our Aussie Formula 500 friends to call or email us anytime with any questions about FTZ Products and updates........
Sept 20: Senter wins the 2008 I-30 Nationals again!!!

The track finally tightened up and allowed us to show off our horsepower edge! Eric Edwards (1e) passed into the lead early on and lead until he picked up a push but still managed 5th. Once Trav (22) worked his way to the front and got to open track, he put on quite a show quickly disappearing from the rest of the pack. He was cutting laps very close to 13 seconds flat! Aaron Reutzel charged hard through the pack to a solid 7th place finish in this biggest race of the year for 600 micro's.
And once again, our little hot shoe Trent Taylor also easily cleaned house in the "Horizon" restricted class! for the second year in a row!
Thanks for an awesome night guys!

Sept 19: I-30 Nationals "Night 1"- Senter and Edwards 2nd & 3rd!
A good start to the weekend. Travis was high point man after the heat & qualifier. In the feature he chose to take a more conservative line than the leader to insure getting safely into Saturdays show. Eric made an impressive run, finishing 3rd, and was gaining on the leaders every lap.
Good Luck to all tonight!
*Be sure to see our New Microsprint Products page!

2008 I-30 Nationals
Highlight Video!

Please note #22's horsepower advantage once the tires heat up and the lead is taken.
(about 2:20 in)

You can watch the entire
I-30 feature race on youtube.com:

Sept 6: Travis Senter, Jr. wins 100th Feature in a 600 Micro!!
at I-30 Speedway, Little Rock. Trav started out in 600's with a second hand FTZ F2 (and still has it!). Can you imagine winning 100 times??

Sept '08: Trent Taylor wins 17 Restrictor class features in a row at I-30 Raceway! This 2007 I-30 Nationals winner is on a hot streak again this year!! Good Job Trent......
May 31: Eric Edwards wins AGAIN at the second Powri show at Macon!!
Passing into the lead on lap one to convincingly win again, giving him a large points lead early in the Powri series. Proving again you don't have to spend a ton of money or have a 636cc motor to be one of the fastest guys in 600 Outlaw racing!
Wanna go faster? Just call FTZ for carbs, motor work and pipes- No laptop, No dyno tuning, just go racing!!
**Download the 2007/2008 FTZ 600 Micro .pdf flyer here*

April 2008:
FTZ motors dominate Clarksville $2000-to-win !
After filling the 4 fastest qualifying positions during time trials, and a 1-2 in the dash, the FTZ "wrecking crew" went on to a 1st, 2nd and 4th place finish in the 30 lap feature. Once again even our standard bore motors showed their obvious power advantage on this fast & tacky racetrack. 1st went to Travis Senter, 2nd to FTZ regular Eric Wright, and 4th went to relatively newcomer Justin Rapp who showed great speed in time trails and dash, and early laps of the feature.

Eric Edwards takes Powri series opener at Macon, Illinois!!
Taking the lead on lap 15 for the win in his first race out this year with his new FTZ R6 motor package. Good break-in run, Eric!

March 2008: FTZ equipped Aussies show well at their National "Titles" race. This important race determines the Australian National ranking, and which car number they will run next year. See this link....

Jan 31, 2008: Travis Senter wins opening round of the East Bay Winternationals! Lapped up to 10th place!!
Feb 1st: East Bay "Round Two" goes to "Bobby Z"!!
Feb 2nd: Trav again wins "Round Three" at East Bay!

Samantha Gargus starts 24th and finishes third! FTZ motors love big fast racetracks! Get some!!

Sept 14th: I-30 600 Nationals results: Senter 2nd, Sawyer 4th.
Not bad out of 130 something cars. It was a good race, Dusty Young puts together quite a program down there. Travis actually passed into the lead on lap 14 but developed a push that kept him from getting out of the corner well, allowing the leader to eventually get away. We would have loved to had a repeat win there- and feel we should have- but that's dirt racing!
July 14th:
Scott Sawyer wins Pittsfield/Pike County $10,000 to win!!

Scott passed into the lead in the dash to qualify for the pole starting position in Saturday's feature race, of which he led all 50 laps. Good job and welcome back Saw!

July 6: Eric Edwards takes Doe Run Powri show! Eric came from 4th position to win his 10th feature at Doe Run, Mo last evening with over 40 entries. He pulled out a convincing lead as soon as he broke open track, pulling the other cars about a car length per straight away. It is interesting to note that the Edwards are running the same car and motor, carbs and exhaust that Eric won the 2005 NMMA Restrictor class National Championship with- it is still 600cc but now modified with our Level-2 portwork, of course. This makes this the third season on this, their only engine. This proves you don't have to spend a ton of money every year to win even the toughest of races.
Scott Sawyer has won three in a row at Claremore, OK with his new FTZ R6 motor! Scott tells us he now has awesome power to pass cars.... he started 18th in one of those races and was in the lead in 10 laps.
*PA AREA RACER'S: Be sure to see our updated 600 PA page...click here
June 18: Travis Senter is now up to 15 feature wins, and Eric Edwards has won 7! Great start to the season guys!
April 2007: The opening season wins keep coming with Travis Senter and Eric Edwards doing a one-two at the Clarksville, TN 2k to win show April 28th!
*Congrats to Travis Senter for winning both Powri series openers at Jacksonville and Lincoln, Ill. April 21 & 22. and to to heat winners Jim "Rimmer" Tsokotos and Chris Massey who also ran well both nights. And also congrats to Eric Edwards who had a convincing win at the S.I.R. opener at Marion, Ill. Good work guys!
Travis usually stays closer to home, but I was glad to see him haul North and run against the Powri guys. We don't have many guys racing that series, so it was good to see him just motor away from the field both nights. I keep telling people that if you are going to race on "real" race tracks- you better have some HP!. A stock or near stock motor won't do it.
Sat Feb3:
I received a call from Travis Senter telling me he had won the Feature last night at East Bay Speedway in the Florida Mini-Sprint series- Awesome! This is a high profile race series held on a big fast racetrack. It is also one of the few opportunities to race with the Pennsylvania area, and East coast guys. Definitely a fast field of cars. Trav told me the track was hooked up, and he went from 8th to the front- and won with a big lead over 2nd place. He had finished 3rd on Wednesday's race after falling back to 26th when he accidentally hit the fuel pump switch earlier in the race! He also finished 3rd on Thursday night on a less than hooked up track. The last show is tonight..Here is a link to a video of Friday's race at East Bay....
As always: When the car is hooked up, this Level-2 R6 motor will "SHINE". Don't expect a motor from the salvage yard to run like this - no matter what you "bolt" on it.
Sun Feb4:
Travis called again today and told me: "Well, they screwed up and let me start on the pole for the feature" and he said that he then "Checked out". This win was on the final race of the East Bay series, which had a tough field full of 636's, and even some 750's!. He did not attend the races last week, so that kept him from being highest in series points. He did tell me that he ran the quickest lap of the week at 14.806. GET SOME!

Jon's Trip Down Under link here

Congratulations to Travis Senter for his win at the I-30 600 Nat'ls! 126 cars from across the nation entered for the $10,000 to win!
FTZ 600 customers had an awesome weekend at what many feel was the biggest, toughest race in Micro Sprint history, at the fast high bank 1/4 mile track in Little Rock, Ark. The Friday night races concluded with no less than 10 heat & qualifier races won by our customers, and the Feature being dominated by Oklahoma's Scott Sawyer and his FTZ Level-2 R6. Tennessee's Eric Wright and Arkansas's Travis Senter also made it in the top 6 locking in their transfers to the Saturday Feature.
For the big finale on Saturday night it was Travis Senter Jr. shot to the lead from a 4th place start and
easily motored away to lead the rest of the laps unchallenged, securing the $10,000 to win purse. Trav was clicking off lap times in the 13 second flat range. 3rd place in the Feature went to Eric Wright who showed great determination and skill fighting an extremely tight car to put his new Level-2 R6 into the top three.... Check out this video......
Here is two links to the entire I-30 race on YouTube.com:
Part One- http://youtube.com/watch?v=tSkSwe0uMlE
Part Two- http://youtube.com/watch?v=z9Qar54A0ls
A great big "Good Job!" to all you guys!

*The 2005 Micro Season ended very well with many big wins.
Oct '05: Eric Edwards wins NMMA Restrictor class National Championship!!
Eric Edwards dominated the NMMA Restricter class with 30 wins, including the NMMA National, with his FTZ Yamaha R6. Dereck King racked up 18 wins, in both his R6 and RR equipped cars. Travis Senter won 16 features with his F3 and R6 motors. Jimmy Brookens got 13 features with his FTZ Carburetor & exhaust equipped Kaw 636. Scott Sawyer got 12 wins in a partial season with his FTZ R6. And many more wins in many classes-Good racing guys! Thanks for making us look good!
*2004 Season: NMMA Multi Championship #9 for FTZ 600's!!
Paul Esworthy again secured the NMMA Multi class National Championship. You have to finish well, in a lot of races, to win this title. This is the
9th consecutive National Championship for FTZ built 600 motors, carbs and pipes! Thanks to Paul and his excellent crew and sponsors for having continued confidence in us!
*2005 Micro Sprint season Highlights
*2004 Micro Sprint season Highlights.
*2003: A tremendous season for FTZ Built 600's!.
*2002 Micro Sprint Season Highlights
*2001 Micro Sprint Season Highlights
*2000 Micro Sprint Season Highlights

MICRO SPRINT products here

ATV Racing:

Be sure to see our
New ATV Products
and check up on all the latest on our Facebook page....

Call and ask about our:
New 2-Stroke big bore motors!
We have partnered up with Calvin Pollet and his excellant CPI products to provide the biggest baddest 2-stroke motors- and done the FTZ way!

Since 1985 we have enjoyed the reputation of building some of the fastest TRX250r's in TT and Ice Racing, Drag racing and Duning as well as 250cc class Micro Sprint racing. This makes us right at home working with the Puma and Sphinx topends from CP industries as well as the massive Liger CR500 top end.
Call or Email us for the latest info!!

FTZ Hybrid 2012 version

The FTZ TRX/CR250r Hybrid still lives!! See our facebook page for more info here...

TZ customer wins Nat'l Chain Saw Championship!
Congrats to Bill Bischoff of British Columbia for winning the 2008 Canadian Stihl Timbersports Championship with his FTZ-built CR250 powered chain saw!
and wins a Harley!
See more pics here..

ATV TT racing

Horsepower is Horsepower! ... and that is what we make!

Summer '08: Ryon Partee holeshots & wins Ashstabula Pro-am!
beats the pros, including Tim Farr
See this link: here......

March '08: Jerry & Ryon Partee's ATV picked as "Coolest Race Quad" Every year the motorcycle industry gathers at Indy for their big trade show.
This year ATVscene.com awarded the Partee's FTZ built TRX450R as the "Coolest Race Quad". Ryon is a top notch, up and coming TT racer.
Here is some pics of both of their gorgeous machines.


August '06: Darin Ogden on the Podium again at Liz City, NC GNC! Third in Pro class & 2nd in Pro-Am!
Check out this Race Article! Click here.

July '06: Darin Ogden on the Podium again at Ashtabula!
Third in both Pro & Pro-Am!!

This was his first race on his new FTZ built 2006 TRX450R!

Oct. '05: Darin Ogden wins Pro-Am Production Class Championship!! & 3rd in Pro Class!! Congratulations, Darin....
Call us for all of your 450 horsepower needs.

Holeshots and wins both Pro & Pro-Am features! (We knew it was just a matter of time!!) Check this out!

Summer '05: Welcome back, DARIN OGDEN! -National Pro TT Racer- Darin had impressive showings at all three of the 2005 season Grand Nationals so far, getting the holeshot and leading almost every Pro Class race he has been in! Many have called to tell us he clearly had the fastest bike there. All we need now is a little luck! Go Bo!

ATV TT racing

ATV TT racing
More pics here

FTZ Products used by nation's top ATV Drag & Sand Racers:

FTZ Alcohol Carbs, Pipes & Ignitions are used by many of the world's top Drag Racers and engine builders. Fast sand guys, as well as top dirt track & ice racers know to come to FTZ for "real" horsepower.
Some Bad-ass Sand & Drag Machines

Hot New ATV Products & Projects:

*TRX 250R Powervalve Motors & Top ends up to 380cc! the best all around R's on the planet!

*Override Drag Racing Transmission mods for most models!

*Banshee Motor Building Packages. 350cc to 535cc- both Cheetah Cub & T-Rex.

TRX450R head

*FTZ Four-Stroke porting & motor work! Trust us for your 450's best build

*FTZ built LT250r and LT500r Race motors

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