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FTZ built motors win both the Winged A-class and the Winged Outlaw class at the 2016 Tulsa Shootout!!
Congrats to Brady Bacon and Miles Paulus and their crews!



Thinking about a new motor?

Get with us for our latest recommendations for the best motor build for you racetracks and rules…

“There is nothing quite like brand new”…that’s very true. Call and we can discuss your best options.
Ordering early will always help to get yours when needed. We can start on it with the receipt of a deposit and then you can pick it up at your convenience or when you are ready to finalize payment.
Yours or Ours?

You can ship in your used motor or we can supply you with one of ours. Please realize your motor may need gears, oil pump, new valves, guides to be built “right”.
Easy to get it here; and easy to get it there:
We can eliminate any shipping hassles for you by arranging a truck pickup from our preferred freight line. Call us for details on shipping these engines the easy way. We now carry an special built heavy duty poly shipping container that is lightweight enough to allow most 600 motors to ship UPS ground, with full insurance at an affordable rate.

Or just time for a rebuild?

If you have more than 12-15 shows on your motor then you should send it to us to get “freshened up” before the next season begins….or even less races if you don’t want to be without the motor during the season. We tear it down, clean and de-carbon it, carefully fit the rod & main bearings, rings, cam chain, valves, seals, hone the bores and do our expert valve job. Then it is painstakingly assembled, shimmed and set up to our specs. Trust us to get this critical work right. Our pricing is super reasonable given all the extra time spent. Also don’t forget to get the fuel system rebuilt; We recommend a thorough carb cleaning, new float needles, and a new fuel pump to help insure a totally trouble-free season. *Our 7 man staff insures that we can offer the fastest turnaround time in the biz!

Ask about our Level-2 Outlaw 600 Porting and Headwork!
Nothing else like it- We have been perfecting hi-velocity port shapes since the early ’80’s … and don’t think it can be easily copied: we’ve seen many laughable attempts. A nearly 20% total flow increase with this and our other new tricks, often adds up to an amazing 7-10 horsepower gain over our previous versions.
We feel confident that our  600 Headwork, Engine work and FTZ Exhausts are the very best available.
If you want your motor to pull hard down low and still rev to the moon, this is what it takes.

Don’t expect big power out of any motor if it can’t “breathe”

“Air flow = Horsepower”…and Air flow is simply “what we do best.”

And Yes! → → You need our FTZ Oil Cooler on your car!


If you got a buddy at the racetrack that doesn’t have one of our FTZ oil coolers on their 600 Micro sprint, tell them that they really need to give their motor a break! The cooler oil can certainly help to keep it from burning the rod bearings….you gotta feel sorry for these motors sometimes! Have them call in to Kent at 573-334-5439 and we can get them fixed up… Link to oil cooler page.

A must have! ….see our hot products page for other trick parts


*We are proud to announce that Dave Hedington of Hyper Australia is our dealer for FTZ motors and products!

Our Aussie Formula 500 friends now have the option to contact Dave for FTZ motor packages as well as FTZ carbs and Exhaust systems he plans on having on hand in WA or his trailer at the racetrack/speedway:

Hyper Racing Australia
Unit 5, 5 Atlas Court,
Welshpool, WA. 6106
Phone: 08 9356 2055
Mobile: 0417 900 858
Email: dave@unitedspeedway.com.au


More Micro Sprint product info below:

These pages are a few years old but still very pertinent:

**Download the 2009 FTZ 600 .pdf flyer here**

**Download the 2009 New Products Update flyer here**

**FTZ 600 racers: We have changed our oil recommendations- please check in for details**

*A cool action racing video of Travis Senter’s big 2006 I-30 Nationals win.

Some more oldie but goodie stuff: