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FTZ GSXR MOTOR FOR SALE! We currently have together and ready for sale a 636cc Gsxr Stroker Outlaw motor.. exactly like that used by Nathan Benson to secure the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Powri National Championships …and don’t worry, everybody gets the “good stuff” here….absolutely.
This motor is the most powerful 600 based motors we build.. making the most hp and best powerband of any 636cc motor we have ever ran on our dyno. This package makes 10hp more than many other 636cc motors we have tested- including some of our own..
 And it is very rare for us to have any motors built and ready to go. So here is an perfect opportunity if you want to upgrade your team’s motor program to the absolute best available. Wouldn’t it be nice to roll out and know there is nobody going to out-motor you… anywhere you go?
We can build you a complete “car kit” package around one of these motors: with matching FTZ exhaust system, as well as the complete electronic fuel injection set up, oil cooler and the works. All tuned to work together for maximum power and powerband.
  It has been many years since we were able to offer a guy this type of power advantage.
For pricing and details call 573-334-5439 Mon-Fri or email to ftzracing@gmail.com.

**Also for sale is a used Gsxr stroker motor Nathan Benson ran in 2017- with low races  ..
please call or email for details 573-334-5439 or ftzracing@gmail.com

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