EFI Fuel Filter – 5 micron with -6AN fuel line fittings




  Blk Ffilter 400


We now carry these 5 micron fuel filters. These are used by most Engler EFI racers, and we recommend them for any electronic injection system as well.  A metal screen type filter just will not stop the smallest particles.
  We have suffered the pain of stopped up injectors while using an fuel filter that was not fine enough..and you don’t even want to go there..
 So make sure you have this filter between your pump and the fuel rail(s).. it is to be used as a “secondary” or “post pump” filter..
These filters may come with a black or with gold zinc finish..
Most racers will change these filters our every 3 weekends or so…

This item is the fuel filter combined with 2 custom -6AN fuel line adapter fittings as shown.
*note:  for replacement filters see the “3 pack” listed in the store.