FTZ 2013 KAWASAKI MOTOR FOR SALE! We currently have together and ready for sale a 636cc Kawasaki Outlaw motor.. of the new 2013 & later design.

 Just recently finished complete with full FTZ porting, trick FTZ oversize valves, our exclusive 6 spring/10 plate clutch mod, custom fabricated oil pan & special oil pump pickup.. We spent many months dyno testing this model engine, first being disappointed with the horsepower output.. but over a 1000 recorded dyno tests later we are now very happy with the motor’s numbers.. (And these Kawi’s really like our new FTZ injection..as the factory throttle bodies are of such a poor design.). So here is your chance to get a bad-ass 636cc Outlaw motor- for like $2500 less than building a similar Suzuki or Yamaha,  as this model comes out of the bikes already at 636cc and doesn’t require case splitting.. making this motor is one of the best “bang for the buck” that there is for the 636 or 640cc Outlaw class..
 And it is very rare for us to have any motors built and ready to go. So here is an perfect opportunity if you want to upgrade your team’s motor program to one of the absolute best available.

**2017 update: We can offer these motors outright in the $5475 to $5775 range depending on which options you want.. (transmission work etc)     And recent dyno testing with our EFI package has shown horsepower on par with full built motors costing nearing twice as much!


Jan 2018** We have two of these units on the floor together and ready to go!!

We can build you a complete “car kit” package around these motors: with matching FTZ exhaust system, as well as the complete FTZ electronic fuel injection set up. All tuned to work together for maximum power and powerband.
For pricing and details call 573-334-5439 Mon-Fri   or email to ftzracing@gmail.com for a detailed quote.