FTZ Oil Cooler package for 600 Microsprints




Protect your race engine investment with the FTZ OIL COOLER Package!
This is what we have come to consider a “Must Have” for any 4-Stroke Micro Sprint race car.
 As it turns out the engine oil in a Micro sprint engine often runs extremely hot, thinning even the best oil to a point that the already overworked rod bearings can “spin” often resulting in a destroyed motor. 
This happens on stock or built motors, and is always a very bad, costly thing. A few hundred dollars here can save you thousands!
  We spent most of one season recording “real-time” data on oil temps at various places inside the engine. The results were downright scary!  We have seen that even if your water temp is only 180 degrees, the oil can be close to 300°!!  (Think about it: The water is all is the top end,while the oil is mostly all in the bottom.) Because of the load and constant hi-rpm of this sport it is easy to see the little oil cooler from the street bike is not near enough to keep up. So we researched the latest, most efficient water/oil heat exchanger available and settled on these laminar flow units from Europe and made them into a package that fits most popular chassis & micro sprint engines. We have seen very few engine problems since getting our guys on this oil cooler package.
  Do NOT let your local engine builder tell you this cooler is not a NECESSITY… IT IS – whether he understands that or not. Or perhaps he realizes only YOU will profit from this cooler- not HIM…
 This is a complete package that comes with top quality braided oil lines and our specific CNC made engine adapter with AN fittings and sealing washer for certain models.

Note: PLEASE SPECIFY WHAT BRAND AND YEAR MOTOR YOU HAVE. As well as chassis type, will help us give you the correct parts.. There is an “order notes” window on the checkout page, or you can email us at ftzracing@gmail.com

The standard package fits most cars with front radiator. Let us know if you think you need something different like longer custom length oil lines and we can fix you up.

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Weight 5 lbs