Hi-Rpm Velocity Stacks for the Yamaha R6 carbs




Hi-Rpm Velocity Stacks for the Yamaha R6 carbs- We have made these trick velocity stacks for the original ’99-’02 R6 carbs. These are the best hp gain for the buck you will find! When they were first put on a set of carbs, it made 3 more hp on the very next pull! They average 2 1/2 to 3hp gains on many different motors tested since. Switching to our FTZ pleated air filters will usually make a couple more hp…. all across the top end.
These now have a notch for easy screwdriver access to the air correction jets that eliminates removing them each jet change.


Made from aircraft aluminum on our in-house CNC machines…. set of 4.


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Weight 1 lbs