Motul Lemans 15w-60 Racing Oil x4 :four ea 1-liter bottles



IMG_7820 oil 480

Note! January 2016- these are now one liter bottles-  you will get 2 bottles for same price as the 2-liter cans… so this listing will ship as 4 one liter bottles.. (same oil, same price per liter, just different packaging)

 After spending many weeks studying and discussing the subject of rod bearing failure in micro sprint engines with some of the top chemists and lubrication engineers in the business, this is the oil we decided was the “no-compromise” absolute best oil to run..   It has been lab tested repeatedly after 4or 5 races and is still far superior to any oil we used before, as far as viscosity and film strength at high rpm’s and temperatures..

This listing is for four 1 liter bottles and covers a typical oil change for a 600 motor- which is about 4 liters.. and it’s fine to keep in at least 4-5 races so racers actually save money running this over other inferior oils they need to change more often.

…and don’t forget that even with the best oil you still need the FTZ oil cooler package on your car.
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Weight 12 lbs

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