New style Fuel Pump- for methanol- as a spare or replacement pump> (no AN fittings)




2015 pump 600

This is a brand new fuel pump to replace the Walbro pumps that we ran for years..
  The first thing we liked about this pump is the fact that it uses full size 6AN fittings instead of the tiny 10mm fittings other pumps use. In our dyno testing we have found those to be the cause of a fuel pressure drop at full load.. this won’t happen with this unit..
 They also comes with full #10 power & ground terminal studs and even comes with stainless steel locknuts & rubber covers, and some well designed T-bolt clamps you can choose to use..
  This is a USA built pump built from scratch for racing applications (not OEM passenger cars..) using stainless steel and built for E85 & alcohol fuels. They are rated for 2000 hours use so we think they will be good for several race seasons..
Many guys bolt on a new fuel pump every few months afraid of a failure.. we see this pump as a game changer to having to do that.
It will handle high pressures for any EFI system and will flow enough for several hundred HP..

Of course we carry AN-6 fittings to fit these listed as another item.

2016 pump w fittings

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

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